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My name is Dave Dockweiler. As the pastor of Christ Lutheran, I welcome you and thank you for checking out our website. At Christ Lutheran, you and your family will find a place to grow in faith with Christ, expand your knowledge of the scriptures and prayer, develop meaningful friendships and support the local community. Our church welcomes all people and we love to share our faith. Take a look around the website and feel free to ask any questions via email, phone or in person. I’d love to show you around and make some introductions! See you on Sunday.
                        Pastor Dave



Special Announcements

Upcoming Events
Mar 29 7:00
Lenten Service
at St. Luke's
3215 - 4 Mile Road NE
Grand Rapids
Apr 5 7:00 Lenten Service
Apr 13 7:00 Maundy Thursday Service
Apr 14 7:00 Good Friday Service
Apr 16 9:00
Easter Service

  9:00am Traditional Worship Service    
10:15am Sunday School      
11:15am Contemporary Worship Service    
  1:00pm Sudanese Worship Service


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Office Hours 
Day Hours
Monday 9-1
Tuesday 9-3
Wednesday 9-3
Thursday 9-3
Friday Closed during Summer

Appoinments are available outside of these times.  Please call.

We, the people of Christ Lutheran Church, believe our mission is to share God's love and his forgiveness through Worship, Word, and Sacrament. We seek to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others through gifts of time, talent and treasure with which God has blessed us. We believe we have been called as living witnesses to exist for others so that all may know Jesus Christ is Lord.  As evidenced by our ministries, we believe strongly in outreach and care of our fellow human beings.

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