Aug 28, 1963 Rev Victor Wenger arrives after accepting ‘call’ from American Lutheran Church
Sunday, Nov 3, 1963 First worship service  
Sunday, Nov 10, 1963 First Sunday School session
Jan 24, 1964 Church building dedicated
1965 Junior Choir under the direction of Virginia Sasso
Joyce Ellis first organist
February 1965 Christ Lutheran hosted the Western Conference Convention for pastors and lay delegates
April 5, 1965 Christ Lutheran officially organized.  118 baptized members on charter membership role
May 1965 First Mother Daughter Banquet
June 1965 First Vacation Bible School
Nov 28, 1965 Pastor Wenger accepts ‘call’ to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Mason City, IA
1966 White surplices donated to choir by Sasso and Conrad families.
April 17, 1966 Rev Eldor Windhorn installed
Joyce Windhorn, organist
1967 New alter, pulpit, and lectern paraments given to Christ Lutheran by Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Ida, MI
New choir robes given by Calvary Lutheran Church in Toledo, OH
Ted Conrad, Senior Choir Director
Virginia Sasso, Junior Choir Director
Christ Lutheran hosted 1967 Lansing Conference Convention of The American Lutheran Church
Ushering and Public Relations Committee formed 
 1968 Youth choirs split into two:  Intermediate Choir for 10-13 year olds and Tone-ettes for 6-9 year olds
Ann Koopmans youth choirs’ accompanist
First Father Son Banquet
ALCW (American Lutheran Church Women) donated material to make choir skirts for the girls of the Tone-ette choir
Luther League sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Larson
Nov 2, 1968 Loyalty dinner held at the Sveden House
1969 Ted Conrad, Senior Choir Director
Mary Barnes and Joyce Windhorn, organists
Joyce Windhorn, Tone-ettes director
Ann Koopmans and Doug Windhorn, Tone-ettes accompanists
Luther League sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Cutler
1970 16mm sound projector donated by Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Muskegon Heights, MI
Lay assistants added to Holy Communion
Joyce Windhorn and Susan Laughlin, Intermediate and Tone-ette choir directors
Alter Guild started by Christ Lutheran Church Women
Luther League sponsored by Mrs. & Mrs. Dale Leverson and Sally Larson
‘Each One Bring One’ evangelism program instituted
1971 Marilyn Miheve, youth choir director
Karen Klein, youth choir accompanist
Luther League sponsored by Bart and Karen Smith
Fellowship Committee formed
Couples Club formed
Participation in FISH ministry began
Welfare Committee formed
Social Concerns Committee formed
June 1971 Modified program instituted for summer Sunday school
October 1971 8:30 Sunday morning worship service added
December 1971 First formal Sunday School Christmas Program
1972 Luther League split into junior and senior high.  Junior high advisors Toni Blanker and Kathy Rutka, senior high advisor Judy Powers
Welfare Committee sponsored first blood bank
Bowling League formed
Church constitution changed to allow participation in communion by children as young as 10 who have received instruction regarding the meaning of Holy Communion—National Convention recommendation
Teen choir directed by Toni Blanker, youth choir directed by Marilyn Miheve.  Accompanists Karen Klein, Wendy Angus, and Jack Carey
1973 Narthex expansion and remodeling completed
Mixed doubles golf league formed
Welfare Committee begins ‘Prayer Chain’
Food Bank added as part of FISH program
Wendy Angus and Jack Carey, youth choir directors
Mary Barnes resigns as organist, John Winters hired as organist
Saturday, Nov 10, 1973 10th Anniversary Banquet at Newhall Junior High
1974 New piano purchased for church, half of cost covered by memorial gifts, balance by congregational gifts
Junior High Luther League sponsored by Kathy Reister, Roxie Glover, and Paul Glover
Senior High Luther League sponsored by Kathy Reister, Barb Goodheart, and Paul Glover
January 1974 First Make, Bake, Sew, Grow Auction held
March 1974 Judy Whitlock hired as organist
June 1974 Summer Monday night services added
1975 Pastor’s Chair dedicated in memory of Stuart Jeffrey Rice
Jan 1975 Rev Windhorn’s last Sunday, accepts call to Mattoon, IL
Sept 1975 Pastor BF Woodward installed
Oct 1975 Cherie Bronson hired as Administrative Secretary
1976 Karen Haring hired as organist/choir director
Karen Myers becomes junior choir director
Youth help organize Michigan District Convention held at the Pantlind Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI
Participate in South Y Church Basketball League
July 1976 Youth attend National Convention in New Orleans, LA
1977 Baptismal Candle dedicated in memory of Juretta M Haase
Task Forces formed to aid cohesiveness of running church—Congregational Care Task Force, Worship Task Force, and Evangelical Task Force
Luther League musical presentation “The Clown”
May 1977 Cherie Bronson resigns as Administrative Secretary
Carole Puls hired as secretary
1978 Sunday morning services changed to one service at 9:30
Individualized confirmation instruction program instituted
Luther League attended district convention in Traverse City, MI
Outdoor cross erected with funds from memorial gifts
Junior Choir under the direction of Karen Rotha, Marilyn Burgard, accompanist
Congregational Neighborhood Group Plan instituted
Lutheran Book of Worship adopted
November 1978 15th Anniversary celebration
1979 Sue Jones hired as secretary
February 1979 Lutheran Book of Worship dedicated
March 1979 Pascal Candle holder made by Bill Jones
Aug 1979 Pastor BF Woodward resigns
Worship Planning Group formed
September 1979 Began ‘singing’ Psalms at worship services
Sept 1980 Pastor Wilson (Bill) Fleming installed
Cherie Bronson returns as Administrative Secretary
Dave Cogswell hired as Organist/Sr Choir Director
Organ purchased with memorial gift funds from Marge Morey in memory of Nate
 1981 8:30 Sunday morning service added
First annual ping pong tournament held
Oct 1982 First annual Octoberfest
1983 Reader Corps formed
Participated in first Hunger Walk
May 1983 First Sunday school Picnic
Sept 1983 First service moved to 9:15
Nov 1983 20th Anniversary weekend
Sept 1984 Sunday school held during first service
Nov 1985 Thanksgiving Food Baskets assembled and distributed
May 1986 Vote to form Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA) combining the American Lutheran Church, the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches and Lutheran Church in America
1987 Sunday morning coffee and cookies initiated
Puppet ministry began
Jan 1987 The American Lutheran Church, Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, and Lutheran Church in America combine to become the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
June 15, 1987 Education Wing dedicated in memory of Edward Griffen
Sept 1987 Head Start beings meeting in Education Wing
Nov 1987 First year for Food Baskets
1988 New organ dedicated
Living Wall installed
Sept 1988 Virginia (Ginny) Wheeler hired as part-time Parish Enrichment Coordinator
Oct 29 & 30, 1988 25 Anniversary celebration
1989 Choir risers built by Ernie Mousseau and George Potter
Junior choir directed by Jim and Joan Oleson
Senior high Luther League led by Dave and Karen Barritt
Junior high Luther League led by Bill and Toni Steele
1990 Began spiritual and financial support for ‘Bread of Life’ ministry
April 1990 Good Friday Prayer Vigil initiated
Nov 1990 First Make Bake Create Auction
1991 Began involvement with Habitat for Humanity
Affiliation with Inner City Ministries began
Joined ACCESS (All County Churches Emergency Support System)
Marilyn Gleason hired as custodian
Sept 1991 5th and 6th grade Sunday school classes meeting at YMCA
Dec 1991 First Cookie Walk
1992 Capital Fund Drive-“Our Faith Builds” exceeded Challenge Goal of  $300,000
Baptismal Font dedicated in memory of Sue Jones
Junior High Youth Group leader Dave Barritt
Senior High Youth Group leader Greg McKinney
Hazel Rouker becomes Junior Choir director
1993 Construction completed on new sanctuary, offices, classrooms
Virginian (Ginny) Wheeler installed as Associate in Ministry
Dan Johnson hired as Property Services Manager
Tami Rodriguez hired as Youth Ministry Worker
Puppet Ministry began by Dan and Barb Griffen
‘Pennies from Heaven’ box collection began
1994 Pastor Earl Merz hired as assistant pastor
10:45 service time added as contemporary service
5th and 6th grade Youth Group added under leadership of Dave Park
Junior High Youth Group leaders Marty Zess and Tami Rodriguez
Youth participate in first 30 Hour Famine
Jan 1994 Dedication of new sanctuary
Feb 13, 1994 Virginia (Ginny) Wheeler commissioned as AIM (Associate in Ministry)
May 29, 1994 First Coffee and Cookie Fellowship between services
Sept 1994 Service times changed to 9:30 and 11:00
1995 Communion kneelers completed
1996 Junior Choir directed by Hazel Rouker, Tami Rodriguez, assistant
Tami Rodriguez hired as youth leader
Junior High youth group led by Paul and Tami Rodriguez and Jeff and Pam Schumaker\
Senior High youth group led by Mike and Bev Faas
March 1996 Soup and sandwich suppers added before Sunday evening Lenten services
June 1996 First Family Campout Weekend held
1997 Praise Team formed
Became full mission partner with Bread of Life Lutheran Church
Middle choir added for youth between Junior Choir age and Senior (Adult) Choir
Puppet ministry led by Tami Rodriguez and Pam Bertilrud
‘Sponsor-A-Puppet’ fundraiser to grow puppet ministry
Puppet stage donated by Dennis and Jayne Westlind
Purchased With One Voice hymnal/supplement through donations
Light on roof cross added
Electronic tithing available
5th and 6th grade youth led by Dave Park and Kathy Young
Junior high youth group led by Paul and Tami Rodriguez and Jeff and Pam Schumaker
Senior high leaders, Mike and Bev Faas joined by Lou and Amanda Hunt and Troy and Dawn Mast
April 20, 1997 Kneeling cushions blessed
April 27, 1997 First Talent Show
May 11, 1997 Junior Choir musical presented on Mother’s Day
Sept 28, 1997 Dave Cogswell’s farewell
Oct 19, 1997 Marilyn Burgard begins as organist (substitute organist 1980-1997)
Gary Sironen begins as Minister of Music
1998 Pastor Wilson (Bill) Fleming celebrates 25 years in the Ministry
Wee Care Ministry initiated
Puppet Ministry led by Tami Rodriguez and Sandy Kacos
5th and 6th grade youth group led by Kathy Young, Mike VanNuss, and Shonna Peterson
1999 Christian Education Committee formed
Addition of children’s bulletins at worship services
Praise Band added at Contemporary Service
Cherub Choir added under the direction of Hazel Rouker
Funeral Pall purchased with memorial gifts
Began serving at Degage Ministries  
Sunday morning adult bible study led by Gary Sironen
April 1999 Congregational gift to Pastor Wilson (Bill) Fleming in recognition of 25 years in the Ministry—A trip to the Holy Land
June 1999 Arrangements from “Jesus Christ Superstar” performed at Guiding Light Mission and Festival of the Arts
2000 Handbells added to worship
Teen Bible study held between services
May 21, 2000 Grand Piano dedicated in memory of Lee Barritt
June 2000 Pastor Wilson (Bill) Fleming announces retirement effective Feb 2001
Oct 29, 2000 First performance of Reformation
2001 Figurines outside front doors donated in memory of Peter DeVries and Gertrude Nelson
Junior high youth group led by Tami Rodriguez
Senior high youth group led by Natalie Grinsteinner
Shonna Peterson hired as office assistant
Praise Choir formed
Mutual Ministry program initiated
Car Club formed
Feb 18, 2001 Pastor Wilson (Bill) Fleming’s last Sunday
Feb-Aug 2001 Pastor Robert (Bob) Mueller served as interim
Aug 26, 2001 Pastor Timothy Brown installed
2002 Youth and Family added as Council position
Coffee and cookies added after second service
June 2002 Youth Mission Trip to McGraws, West Virginia
Sept 2002 First Rally Day
2003 Prayer Shawl Ministry began
June 2003 Youth Mission Trip to Choctaw, Mississippi
June 30, 2003 Ginny Wheeler retires
July 2003 Youth Gathering in Atlanta, Georgia
Aug 2003 Natalie Grinsteinner leaves as Youth Leader
Oct 2003 Reformation  performed, Art Show added
Reformation performed at NWLM Synod Assembly
2004 Drama Team formed
Art Corner added
Jan 11, 2004 Tom O’Connell installed as Director of Youth Ministry
March 21, 2004 Rev Robert Mueller installed as Associate Pastor
July 2004 Pastor Bob Mueller and Julie Menacher attend training for Stephen Ministry
Aug 2004 Pat Johnson hired as custodian
Oct 2004 Reformation with performance in Ludington
First Stephen Ministry training began
2004 Youth Mission Trip to Brooklyn, New York
2005 Youth Mission Trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 2005 First class of Stephen Ministers commissioned
2006 Summer Saturday evening service added
Cherie Bronson retires and Shonna Peterson resigns
Sudanese Christ Lutheran Church (SCLC) becomes official mission congregation of the ELCA
English as a second language offered for SCLC
Created and funded Sudanese Advocate position
Audio tape ministry introduced for shut-ins
5th and 6th grad youth group led by Don and Ellen Akhurst, Lou and Julie Fischer, Dave and Lisa Harris, and Tim and Sarah Laurent
Feb 2006 Tom O’Connell resigns as Director of Youth Ministry   
Youth group continues under the direction of the Youth and Family Committee and MANY volunteers
April 2006 Second Stephen Ministry class commissioned
May 30, 2006 Louise Konopke hired as Administrative Assistant
June 2006 Youth Mission Trip to New Orleans, Louisiana
Aug 2006 Litany of Commitment for Safe Haven
Oct 2006 Personal Care Pantry begins
2007 5th and 6th grade youth group led by Sarah Laurent, Karen Fischer, and Jill VanGessel
Jan-May 2007 Junior and senior high youth group led by Sarah McKenney and Jill McKinney
May2007 Jamie Bachmier and Gary June take over as youth leaders
July 2007 Youth Gathering in San Antonio, Texas
Renee Green joins Stephen Ministry leadership team   
Sept 2007 Faith Incubators implemented as Sunday School model between services
March 2008 Third Stephen Ministry class commissioned
June 2008 Steve Ott installed as Director of Youth Ministry
Pastor Robert (Bob) Mueller retires
Junior high mission trip to Niagara Falls, New York
July 2008 Mission Trip to Lynn (Boston), Massachusetts
Sept 2008 Phil Wickham concert
5th and 6th grade youth group led by Karen Fischer, Jill VanGessel and Alan Windsor
Oct 28, 2008 Last performance of Reformation
Nov 2, 2008 Karen Metzner hired as Christian Ed contractor
Ginny Wheeler hired as Evangelism independent contractor
Dec 2008 First Music Ministry Christmas Music Festival
2009 Video projectors installed in memory of Dave Wheeler
June 2009 Junior High Mission Trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin
July 2009 Youth Gathering in New Orleans, Louisiana
Aug 30, 2009 Steve Ott’s last Sunday
Sept 2009 Senior high youth group led by Leland Zavadil and Melissa Copley
5th and 6th grade youth group led by Alan Windsor and Chris Boes
Oct 2009 First Women’s Retreat
January 2010 Pastor Timothy Brown accepts ‘call’ to Trinity Lutheran Church in Evanston, IL
April 2010 Front door planters donated in memory of Merri Stockwell
Fourth Stephen Ministry class commissioned
July 2010 Youth Mission Trip to Sault St Marie, Michigan
August 2010 Lysa Buchan and Sarah McKenney hired as Christian Education/Youth Ministry consultants
August 28, 2010 First Family Campout at Christ Lutheran
Sept 2010 5th and 6th grade youth group led by Alan Windsor and Harry Wendland