Parish Report

Pastor’s Orientation Report

44th & Byron Center
Wyoming, Michigan
Package #128
August 29, 1963

1.  PASTOR: Pastor & Mrs. Victor Wenger and their children Deborah 8, Mark 6, James 5, and Joel 2, moved to Wyoming, Michigan, a suburb of Grand Rapids, on Aug. 28th.  Pastor Wenger has been Associate Pastor of Epiphany Lutheran Church, Toledo, Ohio, the past seven years.  Ordained in 1956, he is a graduate of Wartburg College and Wartburg Theological Seminary.
2.  PARSONAGE: A parsonage was purchased at 2160 Holliday S.W., Wyoming, 9 Michigan.  Cost, including painting inside and out, and finishing family room in basement, $22,427. The Pastor is to purchase a refrigerator at a cost not to exceed $300 and traverse rods. The Pastor will seek a commercial loan on the parsonage as soon as the congregation is organized and incorporated.
3.  SITE: A 6½ acre site has been purchased at 44th & Byron Center.  Cost: $30,432.82.
4.  1st UNIT BUILDING: Architects: Stapert, Pratt, Bulthuis & Sprau, 410 W. Walnut, Kalamazoo. Contractor: Pheasant Hills Construction Co., Jay Vander Ark, 3120 Richmond St., N.W., Grand Rapids. Date of contract: May 24, 1963. Amount of contract: $60,965.34. Recent city ordinance changes requiring concrete approaches and sealing of parking & driveway surface have added $2,028 to cost. Regional Directors Lindblom & Larson & Pastor Wenger agreed that the fine tree in front of narthex that hides the 31’ cross should be preserved. This will make it necessary to move the cross. It was agreed that the Regional Director contact the architect about possibility of doing this. Completion of building has been delayed by reason of late delivery of windows. If they are delivered by Sept. 15th, contractor will have building ready for volunteer workers by second week in October. It is hoped that first service can be held in the building.
5.  TAX EXEMPTION & INSURANCE: The pastor is to arrange tax exemption on church and parsonage when congregation is organized. Fire, comprehensive, vandalism and malicious mischief insurance are carried by THE ALC. Liability and theft are to be arranged by Pastor. Vandalism does not include glass breakage.
6.  TIMETABLE:   November  3, 1963 ----1st Service
  November 10, 1963 ----1st Sunday School
  October 3rd - 7:30 pm ----Steering Committee
  Organization Date ----To be set by District President
  Resident Counselor, EMV ----April 18-27, 1964
7.  BOUNDARIES North - 28th Street              East - Burlingame
  South - Wyoming City limits   West - City limits & N.Y. Central R.R.

8.  PACKAGE TOTALS:     Parsonage       $ 24,000  
   Site                     32,000  
   Church             70,000 Secondary Subsidy provides cost
  Total CEF  $126,000  of moving, parish worker up to three
  Subsidy            17,000  months and resident counselor.
  Total          $143,000  
    Mrs. Luella Stark, now at Port Washington, Wisconsin, will come to the field about the middle of September. She will be available up to three months.
10. MOVING AND TRAVEL:  Travel: 175 miles @ 5¢ per mile, $8.75.  Meals $8.00. Pastor to send moving bill to Regional Director.
Pastor’s Orientation - Wyoming, Michigan - Page 2.
    a. Regional Director will order Gestetner, stand and supplies.
    b. Regional Director will order Royal typewriter, elite, 13”, fawn grey.
    c. Pastor will purchase desk, chair and steel file for church office for $250 max.
    d. Regional Director will order Baldwin Organ, Model #54 in mahogany.
    e. Regional Director will order 100 ALC hymnals, 50 S.S. hymnals, 24 RSV Bibles, 300 1st service bulletins, 1 church record book, and the following S.S. materials (all to be paid by R.D. from primary subsidy:
      10 sets Nursery Card & Activity Packets & 2 sets Teaching Pictures and Teachers’ Guides (Bible Storytime)
      10 sets Kindergarten Leaflets & Activity Packets and 2 sets Teaching Pictures and Teachers’ Guides
      15 sets Primary Pupils Leaflets & 3 Teachers’ Guides (American Uniform)
      15 sets Junior Pupils’ Worksheets and 3 Teacher’s Guides
      10 sets Intermediate Pupils’ Worksheets and 2 Teachers’ Guides
      200 - #115 S.S. Record Cards
      15 - #47 Record and Attendance Envelopes
    f. Regional Director will order 240 adult chairs, 24-12½” and 24-15” children’s chairs; 4 tables with adjustable legs and 2 regular, all 30” x 96”; 33’ of 12’ width carpeting. Color of chairs and carpeting to come from consultation of pastor and architect later.
     g. Pastor will order (and pay for) regular weekly offering envelopes for church and S.S., offering baskets, regular Sunday bulletins, communion ware, Evangelism Chart.
12. BUDGET: (Monthly)  -- Will be revised after EMV.
                     $541.66  Salary
                       84.33  Car Allowance
                       41.66  Parsonage Utilities
                       74.75  Pension
                       15.00  Convention and Conference expense
                       10.00  Insurance (theft and liability)
                       25.00  Church and Office supplies
                       25.00  Sunday School Supplies
                       15.00  Advertising
                       75.00  Church Utilities
                       25.00  Miscellaneous
                       -------  District Dues
                       -------  Lutheran Standard.
                     $931.40  Operating Expenses
   Plus Benevolence to ALC - 12% of local income. To be remitted monthly.
13. SUBSIDY SCHEDULE:    September - $1,200     November - $600
  October      -   900    December  -   600

   --- The Pastor will establish an account in the name of CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH and serve as Treasurer until the congregation is organized and a treasurer elected. He will pay local obligations promptly and send Regional Director a copy of the report he gives to the new Treasurer and Council when he turns over the books.
   --- The Pastor will notify the Regional Director when the various items of equipment have been delivered and forward bills to him for all items except those ordered from the pink sheets. Monthly report blanks and financial record book sent.
        This project represents the second congregation (first at Kalamazoo) in an ALC thrust into western Michigan. Pastor Clarence Larson, new Regional Director for Michigan and Ohio, accompanied Pastor Lindblom on orientation.