Church Council


Church Leadership

Serving as a member of Christ Lutheran’s church leadership can entail serving as a council member in any of the areas that currently exist within that group. The council is made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and liaisons from the following committees: Education, Evangelism, Fellowship, Property, Mission Planning, Well-being and Social Concerns, Youth and Family, and Worship, Music and Arts. We also have a recording secretary who does not participate in voting.

                 2018 Council Members


Executive Committee (in bold)

President: Jim Ward


Vice President: Linda Montgomery

Treasurer: Vicki Blubaugh

Secretary: Cindy June

Education: Mike Evele

Evangelism:  Michael Phillips

Fellowship: Tammy Davison

Mission Support:  Katelyn Conat

Property: Ken Davison

Technology: Matt June

Well-being and Social Concerns:  Kim Zeitter 

Worship, Music and Arts: Cindy June

Youth and Family: Mike Evele


Recording Secretary: Dave Harris (non-voting position)