Sunday School

Youth Education

We are looking forward to the start of a new year of Christian Learning at CLC!  There are lots of opportunities for children and adults of all ages to join in the learning and fellowship that comes with it.  

We will be using a Rotation Model of learning for our elementary classes this year.  Children in grades DK through 6th will learn the stories of the Bible in three unique ways over three weeks.  They may do a science experiment, a cooking lesson, or put on a short play to learn the Bible stories, for sure they will have fun!  

Our middle school and high school youth will have a combination of teaching and learning this year. They will take turns helping to teach our younger kids and then they will have 3 week blocks of their own conversation and learning time.  It may involve a service project or a discussion of some far out ideas.  Or it may involve some fun games and acitvities! 

Adult Bible Study

For our adults there is a Sunday Bible Study that takes place between services and throughout the week there are small group studies to help meet the need you have for learning.  To find out about all the offerings we have here at CLC, please join us on September 9th for our FALL MINISTRIES KICKOFF, where all the many activities and groups we have here are represented!




During the 11:15 morning worship services, a program called Sprouts is offered for children ages 3 through 6 years olds.

The children participate in the service until the conclusion of the Children's Sermon, at which time they are dismissed to go to their classes. 


Please register in person at church this Sunday, September 9 during our Fall Ministries Kickoff!! We will be having online registration available, but it is currently being updated. 



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