Worship Readers/Lectors

Worship Readers/Lectors

CLC Worship Readers deliver readings from both the Old and New Testament lessons at each Sunday worship service as well as other festival days and holidays. As a Reader, and along with the altar guild attendant, they complete the team of five servers for Communion, however, it is only at the Readers chosing to do so, and is not required to share reading abilities.  If names and places are difficult to prounouce, the Pastor can write out the phonetic spelling for the Reader.

As the ushers begin to collect the offering, the communion assistants, Reader and altar guild attendant meet in the Gathering Space at the doors to the center aisle.  Instruction is given as to the means Communion is offered; either by the congregation kneeling at the rail, or by intinction.  Hand sanitizer is used by those on the team before entry into the Sanctuary before distribution.  

As Pastor and Assistant Pastor prepare the sacraments, the team approaches the altar together to receive communion after which the various vessels are distributed to the team.  When presenting the wine cup or chalice to the communicant, the words "The blood of Christ, shed for you" are said.  It is fitting that they be proclaimed confidently and with a sense of joy...As Luther would say, you are sharing with them the great gifts of "forgiveness of sins, life and salvation!"  We want to be sure that these hope-filled words are heard!

After all have received communion, it is acceptable and appropriate to pause and acknowledge the holiness of the sacrament with a nod, slight bow, or sign of the cross thanking Our Savior for the sacrifice He made so that we might Live!

If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Suzanne Johnson at 616-717-0801 to learn more on how you can serve.