Visual Arts
Visual Arts

The Visual Arts at Christ Lutheran Church play a very important part in the worship service to assist in enhancing the worship experience through a visual aspect.

All types of artwork are welcome at any time, including photography, paintings and drawings that enhance the worship experience and educate people on a meaningful way to glorify God's greatness.  The group coordinates seasonal displays, including Reformation events and Lenten prayer stations. We also coordinate art work for the Art Corner, a permanent rotating display area within the church. This area may include congregational works as well as invited regional artists.  

We encourage you to join us for our monthly Worship, Music & Arts meetings held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. If you are interested in the arts, there is something here for you!!  

Grace and Peace


Time & Talent pamphlets are available for pick up at the Welcome Center listing all the opportunities our church offers you to get involved in.  We encourage you to complete one indicating your special talents or even something you'd like to know more about.  There is no obligation to join any group you do not find fills your needs. 


Upcoming Projects - 

"The Pathway"
Oil by Pete Kemme
on permanent display

"The Luther Rose"
Textile by Bev Tillman
on permanent display