Property Committee:




Landscaping around the lawn cross was completed just before the cold spell came on.  The new bushes around the cross along with the concrete bench placed for sitting and contemplation has really added to still another worship space.  And the bushes change to such beautifull colors in the fall, adding still another point of interest.

Spring clean up went very well.  Although our numbers were few, we accomplished what needed to be done for the day.  And what didn't get done then, our faithful servants Dan Johnson and Tom Goetsch accomplished during the following week.

We continue our work on the inside as well, having had the vinyl flooring changed in the social hall area.  But before that went down, Dan recessed the power source, so no more trip points from cords when the space is used for potlucks!  And the pattern choice is very nice.  Now to complete the one thing on the wish list; new carpeting for the sanctuary.  There is always something on the wish list!

And yes, once again we will meet to spruce up before the winter weather hits.  What?  Winter?  It's 85 degrees outside!  Well, we want to be ready.  It is important to clean dead debris and branches keeping it all away from the building so as not to invite little creatures that don't like the cold weather either. 

Watch for the date and consider joining us!  We will only work the morning, so you will have the afternoon to enjoy fall!  And most importantly is the social time to be together serving CLC.

We invite you to join us for our monthly meeting to hear the plans we are making for our Church Family Home held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  

Ken Davison
Council Liaison to Property Committee