High School Summer Mission Trip

High School Summer Mission Trip

Almost Heaven Workcamp

Cedar Grove was built as a booming coal-mining town. Many neighborhoods that were built in the early 

1900s are showing their age. Coal moves more slowly now, and residents are now becoming elderly, 

many with disabilities and black lung disease from years of mine work.

Many neighborhoods that were built in the early 1900s are showing their age, but the folks in Cedar 

Grove neighborhoods are tightly connected and take great pride in their families, their heritage, their 

school and each other. Your arrival in this community means decent housing instead of dilapidated 

trailers for these strong people and the knowledge that they are remembered and cared for. And you’ll 

get to do all that, in Jesus’ name, in Cedar Grove this summer.

Age: Incoming freshmen (current 8th graders) to high school seniors

Price per Youth: $300 (Scholarships available)  

Dates/Times: Sunday July 3, 5am-leave church parking lot. 8 hour drive time.  502 miles. 

Saturday  July 9, leave Cedar Grove WV approx. 7am, return to church 4 pm. 

Important Dates

Meeting 1

Feb 28 10:15am (between church services)

Watch the Video Below

Handout dates of camp and travel times

Cost- $300 per youth (Scholarships available) 

Meeting 2 (First deposit due)

March 13 Sunday 5:30-6pm

Group Team building

Meeting 3 (Second Deposit due)

April 17 Sunday after second service with lunch ~12:15  
**(date change from original schedule  due to spring break)

MANDATORY (Workcamp required) all youth and chaperones- Skills and Safety Meeting

Meeting 4 (Final deposit due)

May 22nd 5:30-6

Group team building with Adult Chaperons

Meeting 5

June 5 Sunday after 2nd service

Review packing list and rules

Last minute changes

June 26 Sunday Commissioning Services during both services

July 23 Saturday Youth Sunday Practice 9-11

July 24 Workcamp Youth Sunday